Branding, Video, Merchandise, UI + UX

My work for Atsign included creating a number of marketing and brand materials, including their Intro to Atsign video, 2022 style guide, atIot and company t-shirt campaigns, and Discord images. Several softwares were used, including Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, XD, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro.

Atsign, known previously as The @ Company, is a company with the goal of "Flipping the Internet" with their innovative atPlatform that allows people to take back control of their data. They are heavily focused on IoT security, seeking to provide people with privacy and encryption through their atPlatform.

The Welcome to Atsign video I animated served as an early introduction to Atsign's @ protocol, and their mission as a company. A motion infographic was the perfect medium to convey their goal, and encourage people to take control of their data. The voiceover was provided by Esther Kao.

The Atsign hackathon t-shirt campaign concept served as a great way to get the company's brand to reach new audiences, as the shirts were a unique version of the average hackathon merchandise look. These shirts were graphically appealing and creative, while still sticking to the brand colors, keeping printing costs low with simple graphics, and featuring the logo when possible.

We also worked to create a second campaign focused on their atIoT initiative, with the same creative goal in mind.

I was also tasked with creating a draft of Atsign's first official style guide. A style guide is an excellent and essential documnet for companies that want to have an established brand image. After several meetings with their creative team, the guide shown above was created. It exists as a prototype web page that would show all press, developers, and internal members of the Atsign team the rules and regulations regarding use of the Atsign logo, brand, and image.

I also worked with Atsign to create a brand new icon and banner for their dedicated Discord server. These were both simple yet eye-catching, and featured white text over their signature Atsign orange.